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Band interest
I need to have an account for all students interested in band. Please see me August 4, 2016 during the Open House. I will have a sign up for students in grades 6-8. Don't worry if you miss it, I will send home a letter of intent during the first week of school.
Rules and Regulations
Rules are kept simple and concise to allow for easy memorization:

1. Be quiet, especially while the teacher is talking.
2. Respect each other and all materials.
3. Raise your hand if you have a question.
4. Do you best at all times!

All members are to attend all rehearsals, unless a conference with the coach or cheerleader sponsor is held and agreement upon shared students is made.

All members must be responsible for his/her materials which include:
1. Instruments
2. Pencils
3. Music
4. Any forms that need to be returned

This academic year, we will not compete, however, each student is required to maintain good academic standing while enrolled in band. If the student is unable to do so, he/she will be suspended from activities until good academic standing is attained.

These rules and regulations are subject to change should the need arise. Please check periodically.
Schedule (2016-2017)
Band rehearsals are to be held after school on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 3PM - 4PM. Parents will need to pick their child up from Galena School promptly at 4PM on those days.
Fundraising will commence as soon as the principal, superintendent and school board approve of any fundraising at this time.