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I look forward to meeting and working with all of the K-5 students and hope that they learn a lot and have fun in my class.
1. Be good listeners
2. Follow directions
3. Be respectful
4. Be polite
5. Be responsible
6. Be a participant
5th Grade Project
We are going to use Pythagoras' Music ratio theorem and create a tubal instrument called the tubulum. It has been made famous by the Blue Man Group and used all over the world. I hope we can finish the instrument before basketball season so we can show it off at the games.
4th Grade Project
With a wonderful response to music class, I have decided to get the students to create their own song. The title is "A Little Bit More" with a topic of faith/hope. I will be checking student work and we will vote on the song that we would like to develop in class on Oct. 3, 2016. I would encourage all students to do their best and to keep up the good work!