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Welcome to 5th and 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies!
Hello!! Welcome to our class website. This is the place to find information about the things going on in 5th and 6th grade reading, language arts and social studies. Information will be added and updated weekly.
  • Our Class Rules
    Be a ROCK!!!!!

    R- RESPECT others.
    O- OBEY your teachers.
    C- Be CONSIDERATE of others.
    K- Use KIND words and actions

    "Integrity is not something you show others, it's how you behave behind their back." -Anoymous
  • Priority Behavior
    Be Respectful.

    Please do not talk while the teacher is talking.

    Please ask for permission to leave your seat for any reason.

    Please do not eat candy, gum, food, or drinks during class unless you have permission from your teacher.

    Participate and give your best effort at all times.

    "Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up." -Rocky Balboa
Our Schedule
7:00 6th Grade Bell Ringer/AR
8:00 6th Grade Vocabulary/Language
8:30 6th Grade Reading/Small Groups
9:30 6th GradeSocial Studies
10:00 Intervention/Enrichment
10:50 Lunch
11:20 Activity
12:10 5th Grade Bell Ringer
12:30 5th Grade Vocabulary/Language
12:45 5th Grade Reading/ Small Groups
2:00 5th Grade Social Studies
2:30 DEAR/AR
2:45 Dismiss

Conference Times
I am available for conferencing during the school day from 11:20-12:10pm. Please feel free to contact me at any time. You may also email me any time at
Sign up for Remind
Instructions for Remind

5th Grade- Text @galena5 to 81010 or go to and follow the online instruction provided.

6th Grade- Text @galena6 to 81010 or go to and follow the online instructions.